Twixt Time & Tide Gallery


The Twixt & Tide Gallery/Workshop is on Downs Road in Maldon, Essex, conveniently situated between the town and the Prom, hence giving plenty of opportunity to exhibit and enable visitors to see your work. There are regular monthly Saturday classes, so any exhibitions will need to be limited to two weeks plus setting up and dismantling time. Please call by if you are interested in putting up an exhibition. 

The ambition when starting up Twixt Time and Tide Gallery was also to provide a purpose-built venue in the Maldon area where exhibitions and workshops, especially of a craft and textile nature, can be held, at weekends and during the week. Please contact me directly with a view to running any craft or textile related courses in the gallery/ workshop. 

There are currently no knitting, meet and stitch or quilting groups meeting there, so there is plenty of scope! 


Twixt Time & Tide GalleryTwixt Time & Tide GalleryTwixt Time & Tide Gallery




Nicola Hughes

07712 420100